Friday, April 13, 2018

Saving the planet, one t-shirt at a time (thrifted finds)

This month I decided to focus my thrifting on summer tops. I bought a couple of (new) cotton t-shirts a year ago, but they got worn and washed a lot, and it was time for replacements. Last week, I found this grey flower-power t-shirt. Today's "haul": three more shirts. That's enough to make it through summer.
Off-white, mostly cotton, with tiny dots that look like silver puffy paint. I needed something white that would go with everything, and this was it.
This one is a plain style, but the fabric is merino wool and lyocell, which gives it a nice texture.
3/4 sleeves, trim around the neck, and more purple than my blue-obsessed camera thinks.

Conclusions? I'm feeling much like I did about thrifting a homeschool curriculum: that there is so much used stuff out there, so many books, so many clothes, so many wire baskets and hooks with birds, that we could pretty much stop manufacturing new stuff and draw on what's already made. Could it ever happen?

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