Saturday, February 16, 2019

The Intentional Thrifter(s) Find Art

The thrift store where I volunteer has had a special display of artwork this month. Every time I went in, I was drawn to this print by a local artist. Mr. Fixit had dropped in there as well and noticed it. Last night we finished dinner and said, "The store's still open, let's go see if it's still there."

It was, and we bought it. It's hanging over one of the bookshelves.

Other recent finds:
An off-white shirt. The last one I bought had a peplum at the bottom, which was cute but hard to tuck in. Sometimes plainer is better.
A tote bag that somebody made out of upholstery samples.
Purple boots (to replace my purple shoes that wore out faster than we could fix them).

And a couple of books.

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