Wednesday, May 22, 2019

The Intentional Thrifter: Toothpaste and Pearls

I posted my summer clothes earlier, but I've made a couple of small additions, plus I thrifted a pair of not-running-shoes which were on the top of my wish list. They're in very good shape, and seem (so far) to fit and not rub in the wrong places.
I also found a toothpaste-green tank top, shown alone and with a plaid shirt I already had.
I found a scarf that combines denim blue, teal, red, grey, and a few other colours. Any scarf maker who thinks blue and teal work together is okay by me.
And, finally, a jersey tank dress which looks like nothing at all in the photo, and which you might pass by on the hanger too. Which just proves...something. It was brand new with tags, in a light grey colour called "matte pearl," and it will probably get worn a lot this summer.
Two ways I might wear it:
So, sometimes when you think you're done--it's still worth keeping your eyes open.

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