Tuesday, June 25, 2019

The Intentional Thrifter: Goings, comings, and a big change of plans

See the stack of empty paper boxes? We just acquired those. They are not for storage. They are not for Mr. Fixit's Ebay selling (well, maybe later). Their intended purpose is to help the three of us move out of this fifteenth-floor aerie (as one of my friends calls it), and into a more longterm (and ground-level) home.
All this will (God willing) be taking place over the next month.

We did our major downsize when we moved here two years ago, so cleaning out and packing shouldn't be too agonizing. Plus a lot of things have been "KonMaried" into containers anyway, so we'll just be putting the boxes into bigger boxes.

But I still took a very hard look at some of the thrifted books and clothes that were easier to donate than to move. One advantage of volunteering in books is that I'm pretty sure of the ones that will show up again. So I've already cleared a few things out. I've also started un-making our pantry box system, which will be quite different at the new place. (As in, no pantry. BUT we should have room for a chest freezer. Because we'll have a basement.)

In the meantime, even though I gave some things away, I've still picked up a few other things, here and there, that I don't mind moving.
A book about decorating odd spaces, and a small-slow-cooker book.
Mary Oliver on writing poetry
Two photography books for Mr. Fixit
A very drapey, shawl-like summer cardigan
A pink lacy top and a grey denim  skirt
A small paisley scarf
And a sleeveless dress which is more like a top with an attached skirt.
What it looks like with a jean shirt.
I almost forgot to include this teapot book from the antiques market. 

In some ways it feels like we just got done moving in, and now we're moving on. (No more balcony photos!) But it was the right time, and we're looking forward to new things.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Enjoy the process...andthe destination!

Mama Squirrel said...

We're not going too far.