Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Shopping my Closet: Briars, Brambles, and Dogwood

My last wardrobe update was supposed to last through May, but the weather has changed. Other things have changed. I decided to make a change.

This is a small wardrobe for not going anywhere much, because none of us are going anywhere much. It's maybe what Janice at The Vivienne Files would call a 4 x 4 (about sixteen pieces of clothing, not counting accessories).
Inspiration: "Bramble," from The Lost Wordsby Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris (illustrator). Postcard from L'Harmas 2019.


Lightweight magenta cardigan and white t-shirt (thrifted). Floral scarf from Ten Thousand Villages.
Navy zippered sweatshirt, light green tank top, greenish-grey pants (all thrifted. All the clothes included are thrifted unless otherwise noted.)
Mix and match.
Denim lyocell shirt, off-white cardigan, same pants 
Here's the shirt.
Here's the cardigan.
Same cardigan with a spring dress.
Here's the dress.
Grey t-shirt dress with ruched side, which isn't photographing very well (it's not that dark). Scarf from Ten Thousand Villages.
Closer-up view.
Pink shirt, blue jeans, silk scarf with birds (from an antique market, but not an antique)
Blue pullover with jean fringe (thrifted)
Teal cotton oversized pullover. (Leggings for Staying Home not shown.)
Pink sleeveless top
Blue-gray t-shirt, short sleeves 
Teal faux-leather jacket

(Not shown: denim jacket)


Watch-necklace that one of my daughters re-gifted to me (so I guess that's shopping her closet).
Green earrings
Bracelet made by friend
Purse, even though it's staying on the shelf mostly.(thrifted)
Another purse I have not had even one chance to use yet (thrifted)
Leather brooch from an antique market. I don't know what the flower is, but I'm going for dogwood, even though the extra loopy things might mean it's something else.. Dogwood is symbolic for Christians in two different ways: it represents the hope of resurrection, and also strength (because the wood of the dogwood tree was so strong it was used to make weapons, or dags, which is probably the origin of the word). Hope and strength are two things everybody needs right now.

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The Vivenne Files said...

This is a great wardrobe, and it's just BRILLIANT that so much of it is thrifted! This is something that we ALL need to be better about - there is plenty of clothing in the world without more being manufactured, right?