Monday, March 23, 2020

Nothing to Spend, No Place to Spend It (New series)

What an odd place in which to find oneself.

A time in which sharing, swapping, scrounging, and second-handing would seem mighty useful; but in which, for the same reasons, that isn't much of an option.

A time when it's not possible to get groups together to do certain things that have traditionally helped us survive, whether that's spiritually, emotionally, mentally, or physically (the modern equivalent of sewing bees).

A time when online-friendly businesses are offering everything from deep discounts to free shipping, and we are encouraged to help keep those businesses afloat; but also a time when not only those businesses but many more of us are suddenly facing loss of income or savings. You might see that dream thing you've wanted on sale and just the click of a button away, and even feel all virtuous because you're helping a business owner; but you wonder if you're going to regret buying the whatsit as your bank account gets lower.

A time when some ordinary things we do want to buy have disappeared or are reappearing with inflated prices.

A time when the usual frugal advice such as "Broke? Bored? Potluck with friends. Go to the library. Go to free public events. Go volunteer somewhere" doesn't work so well.

And to quote the experts and The Wizard of Oz, it's gonna get darker before it gets lighter.

I'm going to be posting on this theme over the next week. The first posts will be from the Treehouse archives, but the rest will be new. Stay tuned.

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Cheri said...

Your posts on this will be welcome. I recently resurrected my old blog, because I think we need to encourage each other. It always helps me to brainstorm ideas to solve problems.

Well, if this isn't a problem, I don't know what one is.

Looking forward to reading your ideas.