Saturday, June 13, 2020

Imaginary Vacation Wardrobe, Copied Shamelessly

So here's the story.

I have been reading The Vivienne Files website and its imagined travel wardrobes for a few years now; I've used them for inspiration as well as entertainment. But yesterday's post was the first time I ever thought, "I have most of those clothes, in the same colours."

So I thought I'd put my clothes out in the same way Janice did, just for fun, as if I were going away with Mr. Fixit for a few days. Maybe to that place up north we stayed at almost thirty years ago.

But first I'd have to do something about those off-white wide-leg not-so-cropped pants. You remember those? They've been hanging unworn because I did not want to risk maiming them. 
Today I thought, time to fish or cut bait. So I found some directions online, measured, cut, pressed, pinned, and sewed. They are now a reasonable length, and I can now put together the  Anniversary Vacation Variations.
Janice started with two scarves featuring pink and/or teal, so that's what I did too. (Both from Ten Thousand Villages)
Then she found tops, jewelry, and shoes in those colours. I don't have any pink or green shoes, but the other things came close. (Most of the clothes are thrifted. The pink t-shirt is new from Northern Reflections.)

Teal t-shirt, teal tank top, teal earrings, necklaces, scarf, navy shoes
Pink t-shirt, pink lacy top, earrings, necklace, scarf, white sneakers. I have a dark pink longer tank which could have been the second top here, but I decided to go with the dressier one. Anniversaries are supposed to be romantic.
Off-white cardigan, beige cocoon wrap, off-white wide-leg pants, bone pants, brown shorts (I don't have white ones); bone shoes which are not great for walking but that will make it through, say, a church service; and a pair of striped flats
From here on the photos are copies of the outfits that Janice came up with.

[Pink t-shirt, brown shorts]
[Pink t-shirt, cardigan, pants; and then the other cardigan and pants]
[Teal tank top, pants]
[Teal tank top, shorts]
[Teal t-shirt, pants]
[Teal t-shirt, shorts]
[Pink top, cardigan, pants, tote bag, shoes; I didn't take a picture with the shorts]
Some of the things shown above are fairly new, like the beige cocoon sweater and the brown shorts which are recent thrift store finds. I also found this print top, which looks black here but has deep teal and pink flowers and bits of brown, so it  goes well with just about everything up there.
What else would I add to Janice's list? I discovered that my teal Chrysalis Cardi is a good match for the top. Here it's playing a skirt, but it could also work as a wrap or a jacket. Or an extra dress.
Maybe a hat, a summery purse, and a bright pink/magenta cardigan.
Either a white lacy sweater, or just a t-shirt.
I also have a tank dress that goes well with the cocoon sweater.
Probably a pair of jeans, and a sturdier pair of running shoes in case we went walking somewhere bumpy/dirty. And a jean jacket or something like that in case things cooled off.

I think that would do it.


The Vivenne Files said...

This is genius! I never realize how very practical these ideas can be until I see you pull the clothes together "in real life."

Mama Squirrel said...

Thank you, Janice!