Seventeen years of Treehouse talk

Seventeen years of Treehouse talk

Fall 2020 Clothes: From the Ground Up

Part One: Housekeeping Notes

Season(s) covered: September through November 2020

The planning process: I posted earlier about starting to think about fall clothes, here and here. Along with many other people, I am looking at a fall with few opportunities for trips, outings, or occasions. At this point, even a casual run into the public library is a no-go, and eating inside a restaurant seems to be reserved for the brave. The outfits shown here are as my-real-life as I can make them.

Where I'm shopping: Most of the clothes were thrifted unless otherwise noted (because we are able to access thrift stores).  Some of the accessories and jewelry came from antiques malls or markets (because ditto).

What are those white things in the photos? A piece of white paper, because I was trying to include jewelry. It didn't work so well, but you can see the pieces I used in a photo at the bottom of the page.

Would I really wear a skirt to Food Basics? Yes, I would. Next?

Reviving a closet back bencher: Four years ago I bought a grey Revolve dress from 

I have worn it, but not as much as I could have, especially not in its tunic/top incarnations (because then you have to wash the whole dress, and it's made of a fairly heavy modal fabric that doesn't dry quickly).  Also, the cowl neckline is a bit low-cut on me, so I have to add a camisole or something underneath. However, I've decided to give it some love this fall and wear it into the ground, so to speak.

Colour Inspirations:

This scarf (from the antiques market)

And these apatite-bead bracelets (from Fierce Lynx Designs in New Brunswick)

I am grateful, as always, to the things I've learned from The Vivienne Files website. If anyone doesn't know by now, the concept of #Project333 originated on Courtney Carver's website.

Part Two: Start with a Shoe

Allbirds Mizzles amazing wool weather-resistant sneakers (The link is to the U.S. site, but there is a Canadian site too)

What am I going to do in them?

Go for a trail walk: shoes, grey pull on pants,  white t-shirt, teal jacket, striped scarf

Go volunteering: shoes, blue jeans, green plaid shirt, green t-shirt, tote bag, pendant watch (hand-me-up from daughter), green earrings

Go out for an evening stroll: shoes, navy pants, orchid top, grey cardigan, striped scarf, pink earrings

Go for groceries: shoes, tights, striped skirt, blue t-shirt or teal top, grey cardigan, chiffon scarf from Ten Thousand Villages, pink and blue earrings
OR jean jacket, t-shirt, skirt

Start with another shoe: Arcopedico Sec V (thrifted) 

What am I going to do in them?

Go volunteering again: shoes, grey jeans, magenta cardigan, petrol-blue tank top, grey purse

Dress up for dinner in our "dining room restaurant": Blue-grey cardi-wrap (new thrifted find!), petrol-blue tank top as dress, lots of beads and drop earrings. (This would work with leggings too.)

Start with an ankle boot (Walmart clearance the winter before last)

What am I going to do in them?

Go out to a coffee shop that's open for business: boots, tights, striped skirt, teal pullover, grey purse, bracelets, green earrings, grey animal-print chiffon scarf

Start with dark tights (forget the shoes, I'm staying home)

What am I going to do in them?

Work on the computer, on the days that office clothes make me feel more productive: tights, grey Revolve dress, long blazer, beads, silver hoop earrings.

If it's too hot for that, then the blue t-shirt dress and the magenta or grey cardigan.

Start with a sock (staying home again)

What am I going to do in them?

Make freezer meals / bake cookies: socks, blue jeans, blue pullover with fringe, grey-blue t-shirt

Work on the computer again: socks, grey jeans, teal pullover, off-white button-up shirt, bracelets

Zoom chat: socks, magenta tunic, grey pull-on pants, animal print scarf, pink and purple earrings

Listen to Jazz FM in the living room :  Revolve dress worn as top plus teal camisole or tank top,grey pinstriped jeans, striped scarf, dangly earrings

Start with a dressy shoe (thrifted)

What am I going to do in them?

Dream of a nice dinner out: shoes, tights, magenta dress,  pink earrings, bracelet (my daughter found that at the antiques market), beaded purse (from the antiques market)

Bonus outfit for dressy shoes

Grey short-sleeved pullover, grey pull-on pants, grey/hot pink scarf, pink and purple earrings

The Jewelry

The purses

The scarves

And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace...
Ephesians 6:15

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