Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Tastes of home

Did you ever notice that, although you might not think too much about what your normal, everyday family food tastes like, it always tastes the best when you've been away and then come back? You get used to your own spices and your own ways of chopping things (or your spouse's, or your mother's), how big you make your muffins, what your regular brand of peanut butter tastes like, whether or not you ice your brownies (or put nuts in them, or put chocolate chips on top)--and you don't notice those things really until you're eating somebody else's food. I remember visiting Quebec a couple of times (a long time ago), and every time I ate lasagna, it had chili pepper flakes in it. Unheard of around here! When Mr. Fixit and Mama Squirrel were on their honeymoon in the mythical days before squirrelings, they stayed at a resort where every night's dinner was something fried and battered: battered fish, chicken nuggets and so on. Finally Mr. Fixit admitted, "I just want to get home and eat some tofu."

For the Beehive folk, it's Texas tacos and cheeseburgers after their trip to Scotland.

For Mr. Fixit, who had to suffer through a fancy filet mignon dinner last night and another fancy lunch today (he REALLY doesn't like sushi), it was coming home to some Kitchener Special tonight.

What's your taste of home?


Anonymous said...

nothing to do with the blog you made.
Do you like Mamasquirel's Avatar?

Leslie Noelani Laurio said...

I can't think about food right now, my mind is thinking about computer stuff right now. I just wanted to comment on your change of attire, that is really a lovely purple dress!

Mama Squirrel said...

Thank you, I saw it in the window and couldn't resist.

Amy Witt said...

As the Minivan resides in Texas, we too crave Mexican Food and cheeseburgers. Good Tex-Mex is a totally carb-loaded comfortfest. Dr. Pepper and Fritos are also a necessity though I have found them in foreign countries and have mailed them to Sister when she was living in England.

Leslie Noelani Laurio said...

I don't see me having Fritos and Dr Pepper mailed overseas, but I could imagine that with Oreos . . .

It's so hard to resist a food discussion.

Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience said...

I very much like the Avatar! And the purple looks very much like the lovely purple she was wearing for the homeschooling conference! You were the highlight of my day, Mama Squirrel! I only had opportunity to walk past you in the exhibit hall and was too shy to whisper, "Hi!" But I did smile! You emanate books and words and learning and LIFE! Thank you for sharing you with us!

Mama Squirrel said...

Ann, I emailed you...I would have LOVED it if you'd said hi. I am sometimes amazingly oblivious to people going right past me (glasses-wearers will understand). Next time come up and whack me if I don't see you, okay?

Headmistress, zookeeper said...

When we moved to Japan we determined to really immerse ourselves in the culture completely, letely, and not be ugly Americans trying to import their customs and culture and travel in a cocoon.

After one week we were ready to kill for pizza. After a month I was dying for good, crunchy mexican food slathered in sour cream and cheese and without any strange additions like cuttlefish, corn, or bean sprouts (even though I like all those things).

The Apprentice said...

Yeah, I know what you mean. The simplest dish can taste so different made by someone else. Like hot chocolate.

Tim Hortons-Very hot, sometimes gritty, fairly sweet.

Ours-Depends on the many recipes mamasquirrel tries out. I liked the vanilla pudding mix one from HillBilly Housewife.

Friend #1-Standard storebought mix. But they covered the entire top with marshmallows! I've never had that many marshmallows in one glass before!

Friend #2-No sugar! It tasted kind of like hot dark chocolate. Very good though.

Youth group-I used too much powder so it was Very Thick and Very Chocolatey. Good though. Oh yeah, I got a big marshmallow instead of minimarshmallows like usual, it was really hard, really stale!