Seventeen years of Treehouse talk

Seventeen years of Treehouse talk

Monday, July 27, 2020

Autumn in July: 13 Pieces, 13 Outfits

Part One is here

Along with some new (thrifted) clothes that seemed to draw on the colours in the scarf above, I pulled out some things I'd had for awhile, for a total of 13 somewhat random pieces. (You will notice there's no blue denim, because that's too easy.) Here they are:

Dark teal-blue rayon top
Dark pink long tank top, off-white shirt, the top shown above (too dark in this photo), and a striped t-shirt (because fall here isn't always about cold weather).
Brown-grey leggings, navy jersey pants, grey pinstriped jeans
Vintage tweed skirt; grey denim skirt. That's probably twice as many skirts as I'd normally put into a small wardrobe, but I wanted to play around with the greens in the tweed, and the grey skirt goes with everything. I could probably have done without one of the leggings or the jersey pants, too, but I wanted one navy bottom to go with the blues and greens.
New thrifted find: magenta cotton cowlneck tunic top
New thrifted crewneck pullover
New thrifted grey cardigan (horrible colour in the photo: just trust me, it's grey like a grandpa sweater).
The colour is way off on this photo, sorry. This is a new thrifted find: a grey-blue cardi-wrap. These had their moment about ten years ago, and I've thrifted a couple of them over the years, then moved them on; one always seemed too long, and another was too tight in the arms. This one isn't exactly loose in the arms, but it will layer over thin tops like the teal one above.
The 13 outfits I came up with are shown without any accessories, shoes, scarves or anything else. I'll save that for another post. 

The top plus the skirt looks a bit disconnected here, but in real life I think it will work, especially with a belt.
This is the same top, but the colour should be that purple you're seeing in the photo above.
I wanted to show this tank top with the cardi-wrap, which would make 14 outfits, but I forgot to take that photo.

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