Seventeen years of Treehouse talk

Seventeen years of Treehouse talk

Fall 2021: Kick Up Your Teals

Part One: Colouring Book

A few years ago, I decided that I  really liked ankle boots. I found a funky pair at the thrift store, and then a couple of plainer ones from a clearance aisle. But they are all now on their last legs, so to speak. So I planned on replacing them this fall with something practical and neutral.

Then these came along.

Well, wouldn't you?

After all, this is still one of my favourite paintings:
Arthur Lismer, A September Gale, Georgian Bay (1921).

And these are my new favourite thrifted earrings.

And these are, pretty much, my favourite bracelets. 

So, yes, teal it is for this fall. Varying shades of teal can be problematic: some teal is greenish, some is more blue, some is quite you can't assume that everything will just match. But let's see what's already in the closet and go from there.

Jersey dress
Faux-leather jacket
Chrysalis Cardi
Long-sleeved t-shirt 

Teal pullover

[I cannot seem to get a good photo of this sweater all by itself without it appearing blue instead of green. My camera is very silly that way.]

Yes, that should be more than enough teal. 

Part Two: What's (New) On the List?

This is the thing...the thrift stores were closed for a long time. Now they're open again, and I bought a few clothing items, mostly for summer. For fall? Not much yet (other than a pair of pants, a cardigan, a pair of shoes which can carry on into fall, and a scarf); and the other things keep turning out not to fit. So almost everything  listed here was already in the closet (except for the new boots and a sweatshirt). 

I don't know yet if I'll add anything else...I think I would like to get a different style of white blouse, but I haven't seen one yet that looks right (or isn't already too worn out).

dark pink tank top
rose-brown t-shirt (bought new for summer)
white t-shirt
teal long-sleeved t-shirt
orchid-pink long-sleeved t-shirt
dark blue long-sleeved t-shirt

grey short-sleeved pullover sweater
black stretchy top, long sleeves (donation from daughter)
dark blue sweatshirt with waist knot (bought at the Large Discount Store. Because, once in awhile, I just do.)

off-white shirt 
jean shirt
blue and white striped shirt

teal pullover
berry pullover with asymmetrical hem
denim-blue pullover with fringed hem

teal jersey dress
teal Chrysalis Cardi (can be worn in different ways)
grey Revolve Dress (can be worn as a top)

blue jeans
grey pinstriped jeans
greige pants (light-coloured cotton)
grey pull-on pants (like leggings)
grey wool pants (thrifted this summer)
brown leggings (donation from daughter)

short grey denim skirt
longer black pleated skirt

grey fleece belted cardigan
rose-brown cardigan (thrifted this summer)
long blue and grey cardigan

teal poncho
jean jacket
teal faux-leather jacket
purple vintage faux-suede coat (thrifted, handmade)
plum winter jacket

teal ankle boots
black Allbirds Mizzles (wool runners)
Kate Spade snake-print shoes with bows (thrifted this summer)
burgundy Naot shoes (thrifted)
grey Mary Jane-style shoes (thrifted)





Tights, socks (from Dollarama)

Part Three: Let's Make Some Outfits

I am following a friend's advice to "wear the heck out of those boots." That's what the outfits shown here were meant to do. Yes, I do have some other shoes (when I'm not running around the house in socks), but I want to make the most of All Things Teal.

Apologies for the dark photos: we're having a run of gloomy days i.e. bad lighting. Try to add an imaginary filter of brighter colours!

Jean jacket, teal dress, (tights), boots, bracelets
Jean-style shirt, teal pullover, jeans, necklaces, (socks), boots
Teal t-shirt, grey denim skirt, grey fleece cardigan, necklaces, (tights), boots
Teal pullover, grey jeans, green and blue scarf, (socks), boots
Teal dress, wool/silk scarf worn as shawl, necklaces, (tights), boots. (I gave up trying to photograph this outfit on the floor and hung it in the window instead.)
Off-white shirt, greige pants, teal poncho, necklaces, (socks), boots
Teal dress worn tunic-length, rose-brown cardigan, brown leggings, necklaces, (socks), boots
Off-white shirt, grey jeans, large scarf, (socks), boots
(From an earlier season) Teal dress tucked into longer pleated skirt; necklace, tights, boots or Mary Jane-style shoes
Rose-brown t-shirt, grey jeans, blanket scarf/ruana, necklaces, (socks), black wool runners

Last updated August 3, 2021.


Terra said...

Teal is a gorgeous color, I agree. My favorites are your teal poncho, the boots and that cute beret like hat.

Mama Squirrel said...

Thanks, Terra!

Anonymous said...

Hhmm, next time I am in a thrift store I am going to have to check out the teal section. Great colour for autumn and winter. Lise