Project 333, Winter 2019: A quieter space

In a recent article for Simplify Magazine, Myquillyn Smith described a New Year's ritual at her house. She chooses a room to "quieten,"  and removes everything but the basic furniture. (If you've ever read Myquillyn Smith's home books, you know that her decorating style is not bare-minimalist, so this is an undertaking.) For a short period of time, that space is allowed to just "be," giving it a fresh start. Stripped to essentials, does it feel bigger? Lighter? Is it easier to think in a clean space? The accessories and art are re-introduced gradually and carefully, with appreciation but also with deliberateness.
Courtney Carver's Project 333 could be called quieting the wardrobe. When you empty a closet, what goes back in? 
Scarves aren't essential (or quiet), but they're nice!

Do two pairs of pants and one skirt make us feel unburdened, or too limited? How many shirts or sweaters do we need until the next load of laundry? Do some of them suddenly feel like excess? Which things are fine in themselves, but don't work well with others, don't fit our current lifestyle, or (we finally admit) don't look wonderful on us? Pared down to the essentials, what shines through?

Double Leaf Pendant, made by Tara Projects for Ten Thousand Villages
(Christmas gift)

I thought about all of this. I realize I could get along with fewer clothes, but: 

1. It's winter. I need enough clothes to stay warm.
2. I like most of what I'm wearing, and wear most of what I have. 
3. So a good general clean-out seemed like enough this time, rather than trying to pick this over that. I do have a bag of no-that-didn't-work things headed for the thrift store.

Here's what I'm wearing, from casual to dressier.

(Main source of clothes and accessories: MCC thrift store. Occasional secondary source: the discount store next door.)
drawer of t-shirts and sweaters
striped shirt, plaid shirt
Off-white shirt (added later)
jean shirt
wine-coloured shirt
cardigan I wear a lot
two pairs of jeans
tweed trousers and a turtleneck sweater
shoes to wear with the trousers (not photographed: running shoes, dressy shoes, and black ankle boots)
two pullovers (not photographed: a heavy quilted navy turtleneck, for the depths of winter)
short-sleeved cowlneck pullover
same pullover with short corduroy skirt, belt
button-up cardigan
oversized jacket
same jacket, another view
navy blazer
long checked blazer
same blazer, with a dress
grey printed tunic sweater
three t-shirt tops in dressed-up fabrics
two pairs of dressy pants
party top #1
party top #2
jade-green top, grey pencil skirt (I've decided to re-gift the top to the thrift store)
two dresses
the coat I'm wearing when it's not as cold as it could be (not photographed: my warmer but older black coat and snow boots)
the bag that goes with the coat (not photographed: grey purse)
Tote bag upcycled from upholstery samples (added later)
scarf collection
favourite belt

earrings and beads 

Last updated Februry 16, 2019.


Quiet and Sun by Alexa said...

I like your dresses :)

Mama Squirrel said...

Thank you!