Rugs and Roses (Early Winter Clothes)

 In which we stop talking about ourselves in the third person.

I have two clothes goals right now. One is to make better use of basic/neutral things--to remember to wear them. The other is to wear more of my favourite colours, like the shades of our vintage Namda rug, and this detail from a William Morris tapestry. Too hard to do at the same time? Here goes. (Almost everything came from second-hand sources--exceptions are noted.)

Neutral Basics

Do you know the Vivienne Files' Common Wardrobe? This is as close as I can get right now with what I have (15 items). 

black short-sleeved sweater

black square-necked top (useful for layering)

grey long-sleeved t-shirt

white blouse with ribbon trim

jean shirt

white mock-neck pullover (bought new last year)

grey merino V-neck pullover

medium-grey cardigan (open style)

black moto-style jacket

blue jeans

black jeans 

black quilted mini skirt

grey knit pants (bought new this year)

dark grey leggings

dark grey modal dress/tunic/top (bought several years ago)

 It's enough to go on with, but very dull, especially without any accessories.

Adding Colour

This is what I'm adding:

burgundy and pink tank tops, for layering

red jersey high-low tunic top

rose turtleneck top

teal crewneck pullover, slightly oversized

plum turtleneck sweater

plaid jacket (grey with a bit of teal)

grey/red vintage shawl-collar cardigan

vintage purple cashmere cowlneck pullover

(Dollarama nail polish)

orchid purple zippered sweatshirt

wine pants

wine pleated midi skirt

teal jersey dress

TOTAL: 28 items

Together, and Better

So what happens when the planning gets a little more intentional?

Well, I do own more than one scarf.

And I do have purses.

I wear jewelry.

And socks.

And sometimes even shoes.
(This pair were yard-saled, but the rest were bought new.)

So in the end, it comes out something like this.

Last updated November 8, 2022


The Vivenne Files said...

As always, you've done a wonderful job with your wardrobe. I'm so thrilled to see one of my ideas as your inspiration!

Mama Squirrel said...

Janice, I also drew on one of your posts about 'colours that clash!" (yay red and pink) You are an empowering source!

christinethecurious said...

Love the reminder that nail polish counts! Great plans.

Mama Squirrel said...

Hi Christine! Thanks for stopping by!

Jennifer Larnder Gagnon said...

I see you rocking a little "Wendi Whimsy" as well.

Mama Squirrel said...