Spring Stripes

It's still cold out, but she's done with turtlenecks...

The online auction ad said "silk scarf, purple and grey stripes." Which didn't sound all that spring-like. But she decided to take a chance on it anyway. (OK, technically, it's her birthday present, but she found it.)

And she waited a bit...

Finally it arrived.

How did they miss mentioning the cranberry stripes that go with the plum-coloured dress she just found? 

And with her new sneakers?

And the grey-blue that somehow blends with teal?

And the cute little houndstooth pattern that you don't notice until you're up close?

Well, she's not complaining.

Socks from Dollarama
Yes, those are hedgehogs on the pink socks.
Brooch from flea market
Necklace and watch, gifts from husband
Bracelets from Fierce Lynx Designs

Clothes (mostly thrifted)

Plum-coloured swing dress and raspberry-pink linen cardigan
Oversized pink striped shirt. Long pink tank top (old).
The shirt with the cardigan
The tank top with the cardigan
Another t-shirt with the cardigan
And the dress with a lightweight, mostly-brown jacket she also found recently.
Grey wool-blend blouse, scarf (clip from her vintage stash)
Dark grey short-sleeved shirt
On the bottom? Three pairs of pants, not all in the best shape, but that's what she has right now
She also pulls out these print pants from last summer, along with a wine-coloured top.

The List

T-shirts (8)

White t-shirt, short sleeves
Dark blue t-shirt, long sleeves
Purple linen top, long sleeves
Striped pink and navy t-shirt, short sleeves
Wine-brown top, short sleeves
Light green t-shirt
Long dark pink tank top 
Long teal tank top

Shirts (4)

Pink and white oversized shirt, long sleeves
Jean-style shirt, long sleeves
Bright blue shirt with roll-up sleeves
Dark grey button-up shirt, short sleeves

Other tops (4)

Black short-sleeved sweater
White linen pullover sweater 
Teal sweatshirt
Grey pullover blouse

Cardigans and Jackets (3)

Green cardigan (vintage, handknit)
Raspberry linen cardigan
Lightweight brown jacket 
(Might add another cardigan or jacket)

Pants (5)

Lightweight blue jeans
Darker blue jeans
Black jeans
Neutral-coloured cotton pants 
Black and white print pants

Dresses (4)

Plum-coloured dress
Grey t-shirt dress
Teal print dress
Black and white print dress (thrifted, hand-sewn)

Outdoor (4)

Plum-coloured winter jacket / switch with purple and green rain jacket
Jean jacket
Teal faux-leather jacket
Purple vintage coat

Total clothing items: 32

A Few More Outfits

Last updated March 9, 2022


Donna said...

I always enjoy your wardrobe posts. You are very creative putting outfits together and they are all very wearable. Love the owl tote bag and the colors blend with everything.

Mama Squirrel said...

Thanks, Donna! The bag came from Dollarama, I thought it was fun though not necessarily a "sustainable" find (ditto the socks).