Friday, March 18, 2005

And another one's down

Ponytails is sick now too. Because she's hardly ever sick, she never seems to know what to do with being sick. She reacts in about the same way as she does when she loses at cards. For that reason in particular, all the squirrels hope she will recover very quickly.

Mama Squirrel is still hanging in there. Maybe caffeine provides immunity? However, even healthy squirrels have been known to go down with this in a couple of hours, so if the blog gets no actions for awhile, it will be because she's decided to go curl up with her tail around her. (She might anyway, she was up quite a bit last night with the young squirrels.)

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coffeemamma said...

Cyber hugs and chicken soup to the sickies. We are all finally recovering from a 3-week long cold/ virus thingy. Hope everyone is feeling well soon!