Monday, March 28, 2005

Pounding the Keys

Bad Mama Squirrel...the blog stays blank for days at a time, but she means well, she really does. After watching the movie Finding Forrester, she was tempted for about ten seconds to dig out a typewriter (there's one buried at the bottom of the nest) in hopes that it would inspire her lack of writing productivity, but she quickly reconsidered in favour of high technology and the ability to cut and paste and make many copies of things.

Actually all the squirrels have been busy writing, so much so that we have to take turns on the computer. Mama Squirrel is pulling thoughts together for a Charlotte Mason workshop this weekend. The Apprentice is trying to finish her first ever "realio trulio" (lol Headmistress) research paper on Castles. Ponytails has been making menus (she goes around at meals and asks everyone what they would like). Crayons has been typing words on her favourite software program, which is called, strangely enough, Crayons. In fact, we have so much printer ink to use up that we've called a spring break from school this week.

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