Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Strawberry Mice

Crayons and I made these last night for a surprise dessert. The idea was from Family Fun, and the impetus was a late-summer pint of strawberries from the farm stand (and the fact that we've had about as much shortcake as even we can eat for awhile). Check out these adorable micies, and use your imagination and whatever's on the shelf to improvise their faces and tails. We used chocolate chips for both the noses and eyes; bits of dried fruit (from a bag of trail mix) for ears; and pieces of chow mein noodle for tails. For fun, we arranged them on a plate around a wedge of cheese (with a "bite" taken out of the side).

We made about a dozen, and served a bowl of the extra berries and sliced-off bits on the side.

(Thanks, Ponytails, for the photos.)


Betty Canuck said...

I was waiting to see your version.

The daughter's birthday is next month (September) and I'm doing a 'tea' for her and her best friend. I'm thinking these will make a much appreciated substitute for cucumber sandwiches! :D Although I'll probably just do both!

Their veggie kids. lol! So I've got celery sticks with cheese and 'ants', cuc-wiches, strawberry mice, melon balls, and likely crackers on the menu.

Leslie Noelani Laurio said...

Those are really cute!

Beck's Bounty said...

How cute !! We will definately try these SOON. Thanks for sharing.