Sunday, August 05, 2007

This is a deprived child

Yesterday we stopped in at Tim Horton's before we got groceries. We haven't been going there much lately because...well...TH's isn't what it used to be, for one reason or another. And, true to recent form, this Tim Horton's was Out Of Timbits. Unbelievable. No Timbits? (If you're not initiated by now, Timbits are the Canadian version of doughnut holes.) I guess the truck hadn't arrived yet with the little frozen blobs...

So we settled for regular-sized doughnuts--since they were a bit low even on the regular ones, we had a couple of sour-cream and a couple of old-fashioned. Crayons took the one she was given, bit into it, and looked surprised. She said, "This kind tastes like a doughnut!"

Lack of comprehension on Mama Squirrel's part for a minute...then the light went on.

Crayons is six years old and she doesn't remember ever tasting any doughnuts other than little Timbits, since that's what we always get on Tim's stops (unless maybe it's muffins). She always thought those big round things with holes in the middle were fancy bagels.

Her appalling lack of junk food awareness has now been rectified.


Katie said...

I think we must go to the same Tim Horton's. Our never has anything either, or the ice capp machine is broken, or there is no hot chocolate. Drives me a bit batty at times.

Sarah said...

This post made me chuckle. =)

My folks like to treat our kids to some of the junk food we don't buy when the kids spend the night with them.

It's actually a highlight of going to Nana and Papa's home.

Crimson Wife said...

Too funny! I went to a Daisy Scouts organizing meeting a few months ago and the lady tried to get the girls to sing this song about all these fast food places- Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and McDonald's. You should've seen the look on her face when none of the kids recognized the first 2 chains, and only about half recognized Mickey D's. She clearly thought these kids were being deprived, but I noticed that all us moms were slim while this lady was seriously obese!