Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Who's Invited to our 4th Blogiversary Party?

It's today.

And you are!

On the guest list:

The Composite Ghost (Ponytails' Perfect Superhero) and The Commodore Frog
Ty Teenie Beany Boppers
John Wesley
Liona Boyd
Punky Pumpkin (don't ask)
Barbie and her bowling buddies
And all the Treehouse friends!

For entertainment, we have:

Three Stooges Movies
Answering Ponytails' Annual Winter Quiz
Writing poems about things that BOTHER us
Sea Songs With Crayons
Fun Israel activities
Discussion (serious and otherwise) of the names of IKEA chairs, Stickleback parenting habits, freaky homeskoolers, the etiquette of not touching somebody else's fish, grammar grabbers, and God's provision.

On the menu:

Sausage-Barley Soup
Granola bars that don't fall apart
Doreen Perry's Cookies
Tofu Chocolate Pie

Happy Blogiversary! Enjoy the party!

And, one day late--happy blog birthday to The Beehive Five too.


Birdie said...

Happiest of blogoversaries!

Marsha said...

The tofu chocolate pie has become a regular "celebration" food at our house. I actually make it as a mousse since we have issues with pie crusts (it is fussy to make a gluten-free one)

Also a long time ago you gave me a recipe ... kind of tex-mex vegetarian using canned baked beans, corn, cumin & chili powder, onions, etc. I make that TOO with a little meat added for the carnivores and serve it over rice with salsa on the side.

So happy birthday ... and thanks for the recipes added to the Abarba-recipe box

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Happy blogiversary!

(Hmmm. That's uncomfortably close to Blogojevich, but anyway . . .)

In the best tradition of Hallmark I say:
May your special day bring a million wishes come true your way!

Jeanne said...

Happy Blogoversary!!

I'm gunna enjoy all your links...but slowly...otherwise the dog won't get walked, the child won't get taught, the husband will go to bed hungry and I'll be in everybody's bad books!

I'm drinking to your good health - and to the next four years!!

Lang may yer lum reek (wi' ither folks coal!)


Sebastian said...

Happy blogiversary!
Getting to keep all my blog favorites has made moving to yet another continent more bearable.