Saturday, May 09, 2009

Rummage Sales

Last week's rummage saling: a box of oil pastels, a cassette recorder, a sweater (for Mama Squirrel), a skort (it turned out not to suit Ponytails, but we'll put it aside for Crayons), drawer organizers, a cap, and several books. Plus a cloth shopping bag, since this was a fill-up-a-bag sale and for an extra fifty cents you got to keep the bag.

Today was too rainy for much outdoor yard-saling (it's off and on, keeps pouring rain and then the sun comes out for awhile), but there were some church sales. We came home with two Beanie Boppers (Crayons' treasures), an embroidery set (mostly for the floss, needle and any other useful parts), a plastic tool box, two sets of punch-out wood dollhouse furniture, paper doilies, a "Country Flowers of a Victorian Lady" greeting-card keeper, and several books including Lasagna Gardening. Mr. Fixit found some records including a never-been-opened copy of The Mennonite Piano Concerto.

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Birdie said...

Wow! Great finds!