Friday, September 11, 2009

Crayons' Math this year (last year of Miquon)

I really think this might be our last, ever, ever year of Miquon. Unless I adopt triplets or homeschool my (future) grandchildren or something...Crayons is in her Purple-and-Yellow year, so that will be it.

I'm trying a bit different system of scheduling Miquon this year, using index cards and a recipe box. I went through the page list for the two workbooks and set up a schedule by week (about half the year per workbook), then wrote each week's scheduled pages on a 3 x 5 card along with specific topics, page references and comments from the Annotations (and comments I'd jotted down from previous children, like "this one was really hard!"). Some weeks have more than one card, if one topic is to be finished and another one started during the same week.

I also went through some of the other math books we have, like Math for Smarty Pants, Family Math, and our 1978 Childcraft Mathemagic book, looking for similar topics, wrote those page references out on more index cards, and slipped them behind the main cards in the box. So when we get to the co-ordinate geometry pages, I have references as well to the Co-ordinate Tic Tac Toe and other games of that sort in Family Math; and when we do perimeter, area and volume, I have extra activities and explanations marked from our books.

Then all we have to do through the year is work through the file box. Even if we get a bit behind, we can just pull out the next card and work on that. This week we spent a couple of days doing the fun stuff in chapter 1 of Mathemagic (like the old story of the man with the boat who has to carry a wolf, a goat and a basket of cabbages), and now we've started the Yellow workbook as well.

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