Monday, May 17, 2010

One more reason I am still liking Math Mammoth

Is it only coincidence that the two math programs we have liked best both have the initals MM?

Actually, so did one we didn't like as much, but never mind.

This is what I'm happy about: included in the support materials with the downloadable Grade 3 Light Blue curriculum is a worksheet generator for all the Grade 3 topics! Times tables, measurement, money, clocks, addition, subtraction, everything.

I also like that you get a Canadian version of the money chapter (there's a European one as well)--very helpful.

Switching to this program is probably one of the best things to come out of the Review Crew this year for Crayons. I'm only sorry that I didn't use it earlier with Ponytails, because I think she would have liked it too. (Ponytails has been using some of the Key To books this year.) I know there are lots of other good math programs out there, but I'm happy we got a little shove into using this one.


Sarah said...

Math Mammoth is on sale (downloads and CDs) until the end of May if you order from the KAGI store.

(You probably knew that but in case one of your readers didn't know...)

My only disappointment with this curriculum has been that there wasn't a sixth grade workbook available this year (in the Light Blue series). The first half is now finished, but too late for my daughter. At least it will be available for my son and others. :)

Kristenph said...

I used Singapore and Miquon with my older two children, but I've found that Math Mammoth has been great for my third child. It has good explanations but with more practice than Singapore. I let him use rods with it too.

Hidden Jewel said...

We use the Miquon rods and the RightStart abacus along with Math Mammoth. Works great.