Monday, October 01, 2012

Dollygirl's written narration: Albert Einstein, chapter 2

A written narration from Albert Einstein and the Theory of Relativity, by Robert Cwiklik

Albert’s father and uncle were doing the lights at the Oktoberfest. Albert and his sister walked around the grounds making sure the lights were on. Albert took Marta into the beer drinking contest and afterwards Marta made him swear to never ever drink beer like that. Albert hated school. All you did was sit there while teachers talked about things you didn’t understand. Albert didn’t get any of it, so he just sat there daydreaming with a silly smile on his face. “Mr. Einstein I wish you weren’t in my class, all you do is sit there, daydreaming and smiling.” His teacher often remarked. Albert did love watching the stars though. He would stand in the backyard for hours just looking up at the sky finding the patterns. One day he was walking home from school and he saw the soldiers having a drill. He hated seeing them standing with their bayonets shining in the sunlight waiting to hurt people. There were other people standing and waving and smiling at the soldiers as they drilled. Albert did eventually take violin lessons at the insistence of his mother, and became a very good player.

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