Friday, February 08, 2013

Dollygirl's Grade Six: School this week (updated again)


Bible reading: Proverbs 4

Math: Key to Decimals, pages about metric measurement (metric is a great vehicle for applying skills in decimal arithmetic).  Is a big snake more likely to be 1.9 mm long, 1.9 cm long, or 1.9 m long?  (If you're scared of a 1.9 cm snake, you really need help.)

Augustus Caesar’s World: Herod the Fugitive.  Herod shows up at Alexandra, looking for Antony's help because the Parthians have just taken over Jerusalem.  Unfortunately, Antony has just left Alexandria himself.  Herod is determined to track him down, and he has nowhere else to go anyway, so he ignores the weather warnings and heads for Rome.

Story of Greece: Read chapter 44, "The Dream of Xerxes," independently, and narrate. (It's short.)

Science:  Archimedes and the Door of Science, chapter 6: Archimedes and Astronomy. Supplementary reading: Exploring Creation with Astronomy, pages 142-155.
Today: Read Archimedes and the Door of Science, pages 70-72, independently and narrate. Also read (together) Exploring Creation with Astronomy, pages 142-most of 144.  This was interesting!  We are going to look for Polaris tonight or whenever it's clear enough.

Two chapters of Crystal Mountain.  Boadie and Danny make friends with Edmund's abused puppy, in hopes that they can encourage it to run away (because dognapping it would be wrong, but if it just suddenly decided to make a break for it, and they just happened to be there to find it...?).

Free time: lots of playing in the snow.  


Walking with Bilbo (devotional)

Augustus Caesar’s World: Virgil and Isaiah.  Everyone was hoping for a Messiah.

Math:  more metric units.

Story of Greece: Read together chapter 45, "Xerxes Orders The Hellespont to be Scourged." That'll teach you.

Science:  read Archimedes and the Door of Science pages 73-75, and narrate. Also read Exploring Creation with Astronomy, pages 144-146, about supernovas and the Crab Nebula

Time with Dad:  taking apart a radio.  Spray painting it pink.  (This one isn't for sale.)

Crystal Mountain:  Miss Mariam tells the story of the old ruined house.


Reading from Proverbs

Math: Metric units

Crystal Mountain.

Augustus Caesar’s World: Octavia Weds Antony
Story of Greece: Read together chapters 46, "The Bravest Men of all Hellas," 47, "The Battle of Thermopylae

Working with Dad on the radio project


God’s Smuggler pp 198-204 Brother Andrew and his new partner bring Bibles to Moscow...but who is the green-uniformed person who seems to be watching them?

Usborne Book of World History pages 72-73: What We Owe the Greeks (including a short discussion about the Greek New Testament and English words with Greek roots)

Story of Greece:  Chapter 48, The Battle of Artemisium; and all the chapters about the Battle of Salamis, through the departure of Xerxes' army for Persia.  We have one more chapter to read, about Pausanias, and then we are going to take a week off from this book to read Children of the Fox, which finally arrived through inter-library loan.  Yay!

Chapters from Crystal Mountain.

Spent a good part of the day making tissue-paper flowers from a Klutz kit (brand new at the thrift store).
Friday (it's a school snow day, but we do have to get some school done)

Math:  finish the page on metric units.
Crystal Mountain:  finished!

Story of Greece: Two chapters about Pausanias and the Battle of Plataea.

Science:  Read Archimedes and the Door of Science pages 76-80 and narrate.

Other activities this week:

Swimming lesson 
Drama club  (pre-empted by snow)

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