Sunday, February 10, 2013

Dollygirl's Grade Six: School plans for this week

Week Six (Feb. 11-15)

Bible reading

God’s Smuggler, chapter 19 (pp 205-212)

Uncle Eric Talks About Personal, Career, and Financial Security, chapter 17, "How to Get Started Learning Models" (end of part 1). Something to think about: how many models have you already adopted without realizing it? (Some people call them “habits.”)

Minds on Math 8, pages 184-193 Percent (Wiarton Willie) Practice problems; groundhog predictions; Thousand Islands; practice problems; discounts combined with sales tax   I printed out some extra decimal practice pages from Math Mammoth Grade 5.

Natural History: read from local bird guide or from the book about owls

Augustus Caesar’s World:  Herod King of the Jews; To Athens and Return; The Future Empress; The Siege of Jerusalem; A Turning Point

Archimedes and the Door of Science, chapter 7: Archimedes and Mathematics

Exploring Creation with Astronomy, pages 147-148. Send someone an email telling what you remember from these readings (bottom of page 148).
Exploring Creation with Astronomy, pages 149- most of 151. Explain what you know about galaxies in your own words (page 151).
Exploring Creation with Astronomy, pages 151-155. Draw a picture of something amazing in space.

Story of Greece, chapters 53-55 (about Pausanias and Themistocles)
Children of the Fox, by Jill Paton Walsh (stories of three children who, separately, become involved in the life of Themistocles)

Readaloud:  If we have time, we may start The Fellowship of the Ring.

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