Sunday, April 05, 2015

Spring Flower Afghan

My sister-in-law gave us two bags of yarn leftovers. In one of the bags were twenty granny squares with off-white borders, and the rest of the yarn she had bought for her project.

At first I thought I would just sew the squares into a pillow cover.  Then I looked at this afghan (photo below) that I made almost thirty years ago (scary thought), and wondered if I could use the new squares to make something similar, because there was quite a lot of the off-white yarn. I didn't have the original pattern anymore (it probably came from Crochet World), but it didn't look that hard to figure out. (The yarn is Patons Canadiana.)
So here are some photos of the new afghan as it progressed. I'll put the captions under each photo.
I sewed the squares into two strips and went around each strip once to make a small border. I made three plain strips, the center one a little wider than the others. The plain strips are rows of treble crochet alternating with rows of half-double crochet, with chain stitches between the other stitches. The original afghan is all one colour except for the flowers, but I wanted to use some of the extra coloured yarn. I had enough egg-yolk yellow to edge the side strips, and I added apricot-orange borders to the flower strips.
The middle panel got a teal blue border.
Borders done, panels sewn together.
Off-white and teal granny-square style edging around the whole thing.
Then a solid off-white border. All this is pretty much the same as the original, but it shows up better with the bright colours.
Another view.
Close-up of the corner.

Oh, I forgot to say: I gave the afghan to my sister-in-law.

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