Thursday, February 11, 2016

Thrift Sewing Week: Life is miscellany

I like chameleon colours--the ones that you can't always put a name to, or that look different depending on the light. The pants I bought the other day are like that: sort of a gray with a greenish-silvery pinstripe, but when I wore them with the taupe tank top, they blended in.  I have a charcoal sweater (in the photo, from Giant Tiger), and for the longest time I thought it had blue in it; it seems to take on blueness from a blue top I wear with it. (Or maybe I just see colours strangely.)

Burgundies and browns can be like that too. I have a burgundy camisole (in the photo, not thrifted), and I know it's supposed to be burgundy because the tag said so. It's a close match for a pair of jeggings that the same store labelled "wine." But I also have a skirt from the thrift store that's sort of dark charcoal-brown, sort of burgundy, maybe what British stores call mole; and it goes, not too badly, with the camisole and with several other things that I wouldn't expect.

I'm not sure what life lesson there is in that. Maybe a repetition of the idea that we work with what's in front of us, not with store labels or what should work. Also, in real life, strangers are not likely to come up to you and ask you to explain why your camisole does or doesn't blend perfectly with your bottom half.
From today's For Better or For Worse comic strip:
"Boy, I'd hate to be perfect."
"How come?"
"'Cause anyone who's perfect can't be anything else!"
As for the skirt: I think it came from the dollar rack, or at least it didn't cost much: it's the sort of thing (strange colour, plain shape) that would get passed over even in the thrift store. I used the 5-Minute Skirt Refashion tutorial at Merrick's Art to slim it down, and then shortened it by a few inches.

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