Thursday, July 21, 2016

On swimming with books while being shot at by Egyptians (quote from Plutarch)

"The third danger was in the battle by sea, that was fought by the tower of Phar: where meaning to helpe his men that fought by sea, he lept from the peere, into a boate. Then the Egyptians made towardes him vith their owers, on everie side: but he leaping into the sea, with great hazard saved himself by swimming. It is sayd, that then holding divers bookes in his hand, he did never let them go, but kept them alwayes upon his head above water, and swamme with the other hand, notwithstanding that they shot marvelously at him, and was driven somtime to ducke into the water: howbeit the boate was drowned presently."

from Plutarch's Life of Julius Caesar, translated by Thomas North

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Dawn said...

Now that is impressive. Save the books at all costs!