Monday, February 27, 2017

A minimalistic post about my year of Project 333

In keeping with the less-as-more theme, I'm going to make this as short a post as I can.

About a year ago, I set up my first Project 333 capsule wardrobe. It wasn't particularly cohesive or coherent; just everything I had left in my closet after getting rid of things that didn't fit or I didn't like. Even some of the remaining things got phased out, or worn out, over the next while.  Last winter/spring's list does not look much like this year's. I'm still in learning mode.

Why am I still doing this a year later? Mostly, I think, because it keeps a lid on what I bring in and use. A "thrift haul" for me might be two or three things; but that's two or three things. Two or three, plus two or three, plus two or three, can be a problem.  I'm thinking it's time to step things up...or a new level of "enough." Not for minimalism as an end in itself, but as an experiment in making the most of my own best, and letting the rest of the stuff move on without me.

(Project 333 home page. #project333)

UPDATE: one large garbage bag of less-necessary, less-lived-in things, ready to go. That's actually a relief.

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