Saturday, December 23, 2017

Quote for the day: Begin it early enough, hold it long enough

"Never before within our memory has it seemed so important to keep the Long Christmas; to begin early enough and hold the festival long enough to feel the deep, moving significance of it. For Christmas is a state of mind quite as much as a festival; and who can establish and maintain a state of mind in the rush and turmoil of a single day, or two days? Around no other time of year has been built so much of faith, of beauty…It is a time when man walks abroad in the full stature of his humanity and in the true image of God. He walks with grace, with laughter, and a great awareness of brotherhood." ~~ Ruth Sawyer, The Long Christmas (1941)


Anne Lawson said...

I love this quote. We are in Kentucky and celebrate our Appalachian heritage by marking the Twelve Days of Christmas from Dec. 25 until Epiphany, which back in the mountains is called "Old Christmas". We keep the tree up, keep singing the carols and making cookies, and the kids go to a Christmas County Dance school to keep the country dances and music going. I love the idea of calling it "Long Christmas", though!

Mama Squirrel said...

That sounds wonderful! Merry Christmas, Anne!