Monday, December 04, 2017

Things to do today (photos)

1. Wash, dry, and fold a small load of laundry. Mr. Fixit says his drawer for socks et al has never looked so good (thank you KonMari).
2. Go out with Mr. Fixit to pick up some meat and perogies at EuroFoods, and do whatever other errands we have to. Tomorrow's errand is a flu shot, but I won't think about that.
3. Wait for a package to arrive. (It did.)

5. Make dinner with whatever we get at EuroFoods. Just two of us tonight since Lydia has robotics practice.

6. Finish making the Christmas cards I started last week.
7. Search vainly for a bar cookie recipe from a Walmart magazine that I linked to but that has disappeared.

8. Pre-read a couple of books for our church library.
9. Hand-wash the dress I wore to church and to the Steve Bell/Malcolm Guite concert last night, because I am that kind of fussy about that dress. At least now I know how to pronounce Guite. (It rhymes with night.)
10. Re-read a little of Shepherds Abiding, the first Mitford book I ever read, ten years ago, and still a favourite at Christmas.

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