Thursday, February 15, 2018

"Karen's Doilies": An all-thrifted 10 x 10 wardrobe challenge

It's time for another 10 x10 Wardrobe Challenge, created by blogger StyleBee. You choose 10 items, and use them to create 10 days of real-life outfits. If you haven't seen any of my 10 x 10 challenges before, I do them backwards, or maybe it's forwards: make the plan and take the photos before it starts, instead of posting it as it happens. 

I was inspired by this photograph of coloured-thread doilies, crocheted by the multi-talented Karen Glass.
Lacy, loopy, intricate motifs; in plum and wine colours plus neutrals, and a few bonus flowers.

Here are the clothes

In the photo below are (top) a tapestry-fabric jacket, a cardigan which I love but which got bumped from the list in favour of a poncho (see below); (bottom) a turtleneck sweater dress which works as a sweater (it's showing as brighter blue than it really is), a knitted vest, and a cotton pullover sweater.
One openwork grey poncho, instead of the cardigan, plus its matching circle scarf. It seemed to work better with the crocheted theme, and I already had a jacket for something warm-with-sleeves.
A collarless paisley print shirt which can also be worn as a cardigan, with a pair of dark-wash jeans; and a plum jersey t-shirt with a pair of grey cords.
That makes nine items. 

I had thought about including this skirt, which goes with almost everything including the poncho.
But I added a grey t-shirt instead, because I didn't really have enough tops there for ten days. Also, the coming week is going to be busy with a couple of extra meetings, but nothing dressy enough to need an extra skirt. The sweater dress will take care of anything not-pants.
 Most of these clothes came from the MCC thrift store; the cords came from Bibles for Missions (another thrift store); and the cotton sweater and poncho are from a consignment store.

So I'm thinking about Karen's doilies. What do I have that reminds me of those shapes and colours?
Jewelry: some thrifted, some gifts
Closeup of the earrings
Two extras, found at the thrift store
Scarves and a shawl, all thrifted except for the little silk one (I've had it since I was a teenager)
An extra infinity scarf, from the thrift store
Hat made by daughter
Four purses, all thrifted
Shoes, not all thrifted (sorry)

Here's the list

Saturday, February 17 
Plan for the day: Errands (groceries), and finishing an annotated bibliography assignment

Outfit: jeans, raspberry pullover
Accessories: grey scarf with roses (or maybe the pink infinity scarf), flower-shaped earrings, grey boots, grey purse

Sunday, February 18 
Plan for the day: Church, plus leading a class this week
Outfit: Sweater dress, grey poncho (not in the photo)
Accessories: Scarf that matches the poncho. Earrings. Tights, flat shoes. Small purse.

Monday, February 19
Plan for the day: "Family Day" in Ontario, but we have no special plans, so I'll probably be doing online course work, writing a term paper on the value of reading in later life, and doing housework. Or we might go to a local art gallery.
Outfit: cords, grey t-shirt, jacket
Accessories: knitted hat, purse, boots, if we go out. 

Tuesday, February 20
Plan for the day: Thrift store in the morning, "school" in the afternoon
Outfit: jeans, plum t-shirt, paisley shirt
Accessories: Earrings, purse, socks, shoes

Wednesday, February 21 
Plan for the day: Afternoon meeting at thrift store 
Outfit: cords, grey t-shirt, jacket
Accessories: tba

Thursday, February 22 
Plan for the day: At home, doing "school" and housework

Outfit: Sweater dress, vest
Accessories: fleece-lined tights, maybe some beads

Friday February 23 
Plan for the day: Thrift store in the morning, course work in the afternoon, and evening CM study night 
Outfit: jeans, grey t-shirt, vest / swap for poncho
Accessories: tba

Saturday, February 24
Plan for the day: Errands, and finishing off the week's class work
Outfit: jeans, dress as sweater
Accessories: tba

Sunday, February 25 
Plan for the day: Church
Outfit: cords, raspberry pullover
Accessories: paisley shawl worn as large scarf; purple earrings; small purse; grey boots

Monday, February 26 
Plan for the day: At home, working on term paper
Outfit: jeans, plum t-shirt
Accessories: fuzzy socks!

One of Karen's doilies, put to use in the Treehouse

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