Seventeen years of Treehouse talk

Seventeen years of Treehouse talk

Friday, August 03, 2018

The Intentional Thrifter goes back-to-school shopping

I don't shop at the uptown consignment store very often, mostly because I'm not often in that part of town. But every August they have a half-price sale, and that's when I do go and see if I can match up anything on my fall wish/needs list. Half-price on consignment-store prices makes things just a bit more than they would be at the thrift store, and I can live with that.

Actually there isn't much I'm looking for right now. I would like a t-shirt-style dress, but haven't been able to find one that isn't too small, or too big, or that doesn't have cutout shoulders, or that isn't camo-print. I was thinking about replacing my blue jeans (thrifted two years ago), and/or about finding some non-jean pants that are a bit dressier but not too much so. I also want to replace a worn-out grey t-shirt.

Results of the consignment store trip:

One grey t-shirt, which I ended up giving to Lydia. I'll find another one.

One pair of "dressy sweat pants," exactly what I was looking for. They are polyester, not  a trendier fabric like modal or bamboo, but they have the same nice feel.
One taupe sweater, knit from ribbon yarn, so it's very lightweight. This (obviously) wasn't on my list, but it was a good find anyway, and it even goes with the navy pants. The wide waistband looks it would be like a bad choice for short people, but I like it anyway.
It's also a good match for this scarf, which came from the antiques market but which I'm pretty sure isn't an antique.
I didn't find a dress, but I am still a happy shopper.

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