Friday, November 30, 2018

The Intentional Thrifter: Last one for awhile

Last thrift shift of the week, and the chance to do some purposeful shopping. Pair of bootcut Levi's jeans in good shape and right size, check (although they're the Long version and have to be hemmed). 
The sheer printed blouse was more accidental, but it's a good match for my other clothes, so it was a yes.
Replacement tote bag for one that is getting worn, check, and the colour is a bonus. (If you think the pocket looks a bit crooked, you're right. I have no explanation for that! I still like the bag, so I guess I'll just make sure the pocket doesn't face out!)
Christmas present for a relative who likes historic aircraft (and doesn't read blogs), check. It's a pop-up book.

I have enjoyed writing these posts, but it's time for an Advent break and some new directions. Stay tuned!

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