Saturday, April 18, 2020

Come Unthrifting With Me, Last One

Wearing one of the un-thrifted necklaces with a green t-shirt and khaki pants (and my white cardigan, it's still chilly here). If I were actually going anywhere, I might add the bag shown in the graphic, which came (like the t-shirt and the necklace) from the MCC thrift store. 
I finished Breath for the Bones; according to my Goodreads log, it only took me three years.

Here's a quote to end with. It's from a Fraggle Rock song called "Stuff Samba." Marjory the Trash Heap sings it to some Fraggles who have a big problem and no ideas for solving it. Her advice:
Don't be shy don't be lonely
Don't go falling on the floor
What you need now is only
Do the stuff you've always done
And do it do it do it do it do it like before.

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