Tuesday, September 15, 2020

A Tripping Breaker Causes a Trip (A Story Inspired by the Vivienne Files)

Janice at The Vivienne Files recently did a story about an imaginary heroine venturing out on a not-too-formal business trip, inspired by the painting The Visit by Marie Laurencin.

I  thought, "I could do something pretty close to that." Maybe a bit more casual.

So here's my story. It's made-up too, in case you wondered.


Her first word, according to her parents, was "plug-in." And she grew up to be an electrician.

While she and her partner haven't completely been staring at four walls this year, they're feeling way overdue for a short change of scenery. But what would even be available right now?

Then the email comes. Their friends' cottage has been having some electrical issues over the summer, and while they won't be up there much this fall themselves, they'd like to get it taken care of before winter. They know her spouse is also quite handy at gardening. Could they be talked into checking out the situation and maybe doing some small repairs and cleanup, in exchange for a week's free rental? Oh, could they...

When she looks at the Vivienne Files wardrobe, she's struck by that blue turtleneck sweater. She has a thrifted cotton sweater dress that she has been intending to shorten into something she can wear with pants, and this is her motivation to get it out, chop off the bottom, and sew a new hem. (She's versatile like that.) And while the sewing machine is out, she might as well make a couple extra of those things she'll need when they go into town to buy coffee or parts. Right.

She pulls together an outfit for the drive up: grey jeans (technically they're black); grey fleece cardigan, pink long-sleeved top, pink earrings, a scarf, a  bag, and her Allbirds Mizzles. Since she doesn't have pink shoes like the Vivienne Files wardrobe, she lets her bag have some colour instead.

What's in her suitcase? Another pair of grey pants, and a grey skirt. A blue short-sleeved t-shirt, her DIY blue turtleneck top, a pink shirt, and a grey long-sleeved pullover. Another scarf. Extra shoes (not shown). 
She forgot to put the pink shirt in the big photograph.
Some fun socks, and a pair of warm tights.
Socks: Dollarama

Three more pairs of earrings, and two necklaces. She is especially fond of jewelry that resembles wires.
She also puts in a warm jacket, a hat, and work gloves, just in case. And her toolbox.

She copies out some of the outfits shown on The Vivienne Files.

Grey pants, grey cardigan, blue turtleneck, earrings, socks, running shoes, a scarf.
The Vivienne Files showed an outfit with grey jeans or the other pair of pants, grey pullover, pink shirt, earrings, necklace,and grey shoes. Because her pullover has a loose cowlneck instead of a crew or V-neck, she brings along a pink tank top to wear under it instead of the shirt.
She also tries out the other pullover-pants outfit from the Vivienne Files.
Grey skirt, grey cardigan, blue t-shirt, scarf, earrings.
The photograph shows pumps, but for this trip she thinks her Arcopedico shoes would be more practical..
Grey skirt, grey pullover, earrings, scarf. Ditto on the pumps.
Grey pants, blue turtleneck, scarf, running shoes, earrings. She adds the backpack in the hopes they could do a bit of not-too-strenuous hiking.
When she looks at the size of the Vivienne Files wardrobe, she realizes that she might need a few extra tops, since they're staying for the whole week. So she picks out some that work with the other clothes.
(Should I have included a cable-knit sweater instead?)

If anyone asks why she likes her job, she quotes George Carlin: "Electricity is really just organized lightning."


The Vivenne Files said...

The wardrobe is genius, but the story is even better - I wish I had thought of it first!

Thanks for sharing,
big hugs,

Dr J. said...

How fun to see this playing out with someone's irl wardrobe.

Carlene said...

Love this! Especially the line about liking jewelry resembling wires 😍🔌👩‍🔧

Ange said...

I love how you took The Vivienne Files wardrobe and pulled from your own closet to demonstrate. Genius!

Mama Squirrel said...

Welcome to all the Vivienne Files visitors! Thanks for dropping by.

Anonymous said...

What a treat to see theory become reality. Thanks for doing this. Well done.

Alice said...

This is so awesome! You have a great eye for detail as well *_*

Wizelliott said...

Hi. As an avid VF reader, I love seeing this homemade version of VF. Great work. I dare say there are many of us trying to follow this wardrobe planning example but it’s your story that really makes it all wonderful. Happy to have discovered your blog.

Kay dancingbrushpainting.blogspot.com said...

Love the story! And I echo the comments about the irl wardrobe. Brilliant!

Reggie said...

Thanks for sharing. Now to try it myself instead of just looking.😉