Wednesday, September 09, 2020

Labouring over this Wednesday Hodgepodge

Here are this week's supply the answers on your own blog then hop back to From This Side of the Pond (click the graphic) to share answers with the universe.

1. Something you've done in recent days or months that might be described as a labor of love?
See the Welcome-Summer Hodgepodge. Still working on the same project. 
2. Last time you 'worked your fingers to the bone'? 
Maybe the last time I had to pack moving boxes? 

3. According to a recent survey people named the following ten jobs as the hardest-nurse, doctor, paramedic, police officer, firefighter, surgeon, healthcare worker, bomb squad, farmer, and prison warden. Of the jobs listed which would you say is the hardest? The one you'd most like to do? Least like to do? What's one job you would add to the list?
Most of these would turn up at the bottom of just about any vocational test I ever took. Not because they're nasty jobs, but because I'd be awful at them. Answer to the last question: pastor. (I was going to say kindergarten teacher.) 

4. A recipe you make that is labor intensive, but worth it? 
Most of my recipes are chosen to avoid labour. 
Chocolate-chip icing used to be fairly labour-intensive, and therefore reserved for great celebrations, but I have found that it can be made decently well in the microwave. 

5. Last job you did or task you completed that required teamwork? 
Getting ourselves to the Big City last weekend to visit our daughter (The Apprentice, for longtime readers). Mr. Fixit drove, I navigated. 

6. Insert your own random thought here. 
Today was our regular thrift store run. Best thing I found: a fall table runner. 
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