Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Wednesday Hodgepodge: Out of touch, out of time

Still here, Hodgepodging on Wednesdays. This week's questions are below. Answer on your own blog, then hop back to From This Side of the Pond to add your link to the party. 

From this Side of the Pond

1. What's one thing you learned at the ripe old age of whatever age you are now?

I can finally fold fitted sheets, more or less.

2. I read here a list of foods that can help you look younger-

extra virgin olive oil, green tea, fatty fish, dark chocolate, vegetables, flaxseeds, pomegranates, avocados, tomatoes, spices, bone broth

How many of the foods listed have you tried? How many do you eat regularly? Your favorite from the list?

Chocolate, but not quite as dark as Mr. Fixit likes it.

3. Something you miss from the 'good old days'? When were the good old days anyway?

The good old days, if we're feeling cynical, are anything pre-2020.

A lot of people, if you ask them, will describe something relating to technology. Not necessarily those good old days of dial-up...but, let's say, the summers at a campground when the only phone in sight was the one at the store (for emergencies).

Other people will say something about people who used to be there. Those dreaded visits with an elderly relative that, looking back, you wish you could have back (from your more mature perspective of course).

Some people will mention foods, either something somebody cooked, or a product, maybe a drink or a candy bar, that's no longer available. I miss Canadian Smarties when they came in brighter, more toxic colours (and you could blow on the empty box to make it squawk).

4. What are two or three of the most rewarding things to be found in growing older?

Being less worried about growing older, because you're already there.

5. What's your favorite part of your life right now?

The townhouse we moved to a year ago last summer. We may not be here forever, but it works for us right now. There are amazing trails to walk on, and the view of the trees from the back deck makes me think we're at a campground or a cottage, and the only phone in sigiht is the one at the store...

6. Insert your own random thought here.

I did a riff on The Vivienne Files here yesterday: want to read it?


bp said...

Your answer on #3 made me think of visiting with my great grandmother and the tuna she made. Or how my Meemaw would always have a snack or treat for my son when we'd go visit her. I miss them.

Stacy said...

Okay, so what is the magic formula for folding a fitted sheet? I still can't get one to come out in a nice neat square.

Preppy Empty Nester said...

Can you please write a post on how to fold a fitted sheet? I would be eternally grateful. Enjoy your week.

Mama Squirrel said...

Sheets: search for the French method! Here's a video:

Pamela said...

Oh my goodness, I burst out laughing when I read your fitted sheet comment! Aren't they an absolute bear? Great post, really enjoyed it.

Willow said...

There's a video on how to fold a fitted sheet??? LOL
My friends recently moved to a townhouse and like it. They say it feels like a house but there's no yardwork which HE appreciates. Any place where there are trails to walk is a plus for me.

Mama Squirrel said...

Willow, some of us need to see someone actually doing it!