Thursday, October 28, 2021

Nuancing our way through the holidays (clothes post)

For almost a year she has admired the Sophisticated Lynx bracelets, from Fierce Lynx Designs. The Vivienne Files first described them as having "the nuances of color...deeply hidden in the stones, revealing themselves only to the attentive observer." That intrigued her so much that did her own version of the V.F. story. But she finally has her own set of bracelets, and now she's going to observe attentively and plan a mostly-thrifted early-winter wardrobe around them.

In a time when everyone is, supposedly, more focused on going out and doing things than they have been for awhile, she begins at the other end, with an oversized poncho sweater that's definitely a homebody. The big  collar is a bit overwhelming, so she prefers to wear it tucked in.
She found this red and grey cardigan at a flea market. 
It's less couch-potato than the poncho, but still very cozy.
She was going to include a grey cardigan, but with the popularity right now of shirt jackets (isn't "shacket" an ugly word?), she decides on a more structured fleece jacket.

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