Seventeen years of Treehouse talk

Seventeen years of Treehouse talk

Wednesday, April 06, 2022

In Which I Am Determined to Complete a Wednesday Hodgepodge

Because of various distractions, I keep starting to answer Wednesday Hodgepodges and then not finishing them. I literally have several weeks' worth sitting in my draft file.

Sometimes the questions themselves have hit too close to home. No fault of the Hodgepodge.

But today I'm determined to get through this one and post it before the morning is done.

From this Side of the Pond
1. What puts a spring in your step these days? 

Warm weather...lessening of those things that have made life difficult the past two years...homemade new book...and new finds from the antiques market and the thrift store.

2. April 2nd was National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day. Did you celebrate? Do you like PB and J? If so how do you like yours? What's your favorite kind of jelly? 

I had no idea, honestly.

Just jelly, not jam? Um...grape, I guess. 

3. What's a memory you associate with spring flowers?

Planting a garden in the back yard.

4. Three things on your spring bucket list? Do you have a spring bucket list? If not pretend you do. 

1. Completing a Wednesday Hodgepodge.

2. Going to the outdoor flea market when it starts up at the end of this month.

3. Taking walks on the trails around this neighbourhood. They've been too icy/muddy/whatever for the last while. Or it's just been too freaking cold to want to. But I want to go out and find some trilliums to take pictures of.

5. One place you will travel this spring? (It might be Europe or it might be the grocery store)

No specific plans, beyond the grocery store. Maybe the southern end of Lake Huron, for a day or two.

Linked from The Wednesday Hodgepodge at From This Side of the Pond.


ellen b. said...

Sweet photo and memory of planting a garden. Love that photo. Outdoor flea market sounds like my cup of tea. I would enjoy that. Have fun and I'm happy to read that some tough things are behind you. Hope the rest of your week is nice!

Kirstin said...

I enjoyed your answers and congrats on finishing a hodgepodge. I always have a goal of getting them done early which doesn't always happen. Love the photo of planting the garden. So sweet. I love flea markets but here in the PNW they aren't as popular as in the midwest/east coast. My grandmother used to take us all the time when we were little.