Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Time for a Wednesday Hodgepodge

 From this Side of the Pond

1. Does anybody really know what day it is? Last week we skipped the Hodgepodge and I just assumed this week would find us in December, but nope. Still November. Do you wear a watch? Use a paper calendar or strictly electronic? What's your favorite hour of the day? Why?

Those are a lot of questions! Yes, I have a wristwatch, and I wear it whenever I think about it, but not as often as I used to. I don't use a paper calendar on the wall anymore, but I do have a planner book (bullet-journal style, more or less). 
And sometimes it's sunny like sweet apple honey
I try to remember my name
Sometimes the sky is like blueberry pie
And my heart feels the same 'til
I just don't know what time it is... (song by Dennis Lee for Fraggle Rock episode "Wonder Mountain") 

2. Tell us something about how you celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday. 

Well, it wasn't Thanksgiving here, but it was a day to keep thanking anyway, no matter what, and there were a few no matter whats. I had ordered a boxful of this and that to go in Christmas stockings, and the delivery service finally admitted they'd lost it. I was waiting for another package as well (different company, this one was a winter dress for me), so that made me a bit antsy, wondering if it would come without problems or get lost as well. My husband had to go out of town for the afternoon, return time uncertain, so we agreed that whenever he did get back, we'd go to Swiss Chalet for chicken and fries.  While I was getting changed to go out (because it was a date with my husband after all), there was a big hard bang on the door, and it was a delivery person putting something into the mailbox by the door, and it was the dress. Yay! Then I got a text that had gotten delayed (Be there in half an hour) and another one at the same time (Be there in five minutes). So I quickly pulled off what I was wearing, put the new dress on and didn't even take the tags out of the back, pulled on my coat and grabbed my purse as my husband was pulling in the driveway. (You can believe I was really careful with the dipping sauce that night.)

3. What's a sound you hate to hear? 

Paper jamming in printers.

4. Where do you not mind waiting? 

At the library!

5. I really wish____________________________________. 

The sky was blueberry pie. Today it's more like snowball special.

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Carla from The River said...

Loved the story about the dress... sweet!! xx oo

Astrid said...

Aw, that song snippet is wonderful! And I loved your tale about the dress. Too bad your other package got lost though.

Joyce said...

I'm glad the dress appeared. Overall these delivery people do a great job, considering the numbers. One year I mailed a box to my daughter who was living in a rental for a few weeks with her hubs while he did a special surgical rotation away from home. Someone stole the box off their porch! I was so disappointed as I'd included a couple of personalized Christmas items and what is someone going to do with something personalized???

Kym said...

Oh the library is a great place to wait! So easy to lose track of time there and it doesn't even matter. Well, except to the person that I kept waiting because I lost track of time while I was waiting . . .

Have a great week!

Kirstin said...

I always wanted to try the bullet journaly type planners but never felt like I was artistic or creative enough, because you know they only show the most beautiful layouts when searching for ideas.

Mama Squirrel said...

Kirstin, mine is NOT fancy. Really. It's more like a laundry room than a boudoir. I write "December" at the top of the page and if I'm feeling creative I add a squiggly underline. It only has to function as you need it to.