Friday, November 24, 2023

Sun, Snow, and Something Purple (An Update to Hoppy Holidays)

"Snow Fantasy," by Lawren Harris (1917)

Christmas update: porcelain earrings made by a local artist.

On her adventures during the bunny holidays, Betty Bunny withstood the pressure to wear festive colours. But I'm not as grumpy as Betty, and sometimes I do want to mix some red or green into my pinks and blues and greys and purples. 

How to do that without looking like I got dressed in the dark?

To slide things even more into the non-traditional, I recently bought a purple bamboo-blend fleece dress from Duffield Design, and I want to get as much wear as I can from it over the winter.

Janice at The Vivienne Files has pointed out that, if you have a red sweater and a pink sweater, or tops in different shades of green, you're probably not going to be wearing them together anyway, so it's all fine. While there are things here that I won't be wearing at the same time (the burgundy skirt with the blue polka dot shirt), there are enough other ways to wear each of them to make this (mostly thrifted) December-January wardrobe work.

Let's start with Betty's 13-piece travel capsule. You can see more photos of these clothes in the earlier post.

Winter-white t-shirt, long sleeves

Lavender mock neck top

Chambray shirt, blue with white polka dots   

Blue and white striped shirt

Dark blue merino wool cardigan 

Purple/pink pullover              

Navy turtleneck pullover           

Dark grey pull-on pants  

Navy "office pants"      

Boot-cut blue jeans

Navy ultrasuede skirt (upcycled)       

Grey Revolve dress [Switching this to the purple fleece dress]

French-grey wrap dress

If I were Betty, after hopping home from my travels, and seeing snow clouds overhead, I'd add in a few warm, casual pieces of clothing, including those corduroy pants that wouldn't fit in the suitcase. The travel wardrobe was a little short on t-shirts, so I'm including a couple of those along with a warm sweater.

Light grey corduroy pants 

Navy Henley top, long sleeves. I wouldn't likely wear it with a skirt, but it would work with any of the pants.

Grey-blue ribbed cotton t-shirt, long sleeves. Ditto.

Grey zip-up hoodie (not shown)

Grey heavier pullover with kangaroo pockets. For those days when everywhere seems cold.

I'd also want to make the most of the purple and pink pullover by adding this pink sweater underneath it.

Other useful things:

Blue tank, dress length

Burgundy tank top

Burgundy pleated midi skirt   

The wrap dress can be tucked into a skirt to look like a blouse.

The burgundy skirt also works with this dark red silk-cotton cardiganSo, there's my dressy-red outfit, for whatever festivities might require it.

Finally, I have a not-as-dressy red leather vest that generally comes out around Christmas time. I'd consider wearing it with navy or winter-white tops, the chambray shirt, or possibly on top of the grey pullover; so that's probably enough to keep it in business.

Total clothing items: 25 (including the new dress)


Outfits, Casual and Otherwise

Happy Holidays!

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(A technical apology for the colour of some of these photos--it's snowing today, and the light isn't great even near the window. Somewhat appropriate for the theme, I guess.)

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