Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Wednesday Hodgepodge: Adult Content(ment)

 From this Side of the Pond
1. Growing up, at what age did you think you'd become an adult? At what age did you actually become an adult? 

How do you define "adult?" As in, maybe, a no-turning-back moment?

Probably when I got married (almost 33 years ago), because adulting is not always so much about being able to do it all on your own, as it is about committing to someone else.

2.  What's a favorite item you've bought this year?

I keep coming across fun decorative things at the thrift store and at  flea markets / antique barns we often go to.
But one of the most useful things was this thrifted Pixie Mood convertible backpack.  
Some of the places we shop don't allow backpacks (due to theft and other monkey business), so it's handy to be able to make the backpack part disappear as needed.
Do you see a backpack? I don't see a backpack, I just see a purse.

3. May 28th is National Hamburger Day...are you a fan? If so, how do you like yours? When was the last time you had a hamburger? Besides the backyard grill, what's your favorite place to go for a burger? 

We have hamburgers fairly often, both homemade and fast-food-with-a-coupon. They're not my favourite thing in the world, but I will eat them without complaint as long as they're not all sloppy with toppings.

4.  How have your priorities changed over time? 

I don't even know how to answer that one, so I guess the question isn't a priority.

5. What's one thing on your June calendar you're really looking forward to? 

A Christian women's retreat at a nearby church. Oh, and our wedding anniversary. 

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

On the Rabbit Room website, Lara d'Entremont wrote an article called "Who Defines Beauty?" She recalls the first house she and her husband lived in, which was in an isolated place and so beyond-ugly inside that she found herself constantly scrolling through photos of nicer houses and wishing they were somewhere else. She was, apparently, oblivious to the beauty right around them: a marvelous, astounding outdoor panorama, which she describes in the article. And, even more so: I was reading recently about the English/Canadian artist Arthur Lismer, who noticed at one point that his fellow artists often "stepped right over the foreground"--they liked to paint the faraway vistas, but didn't notice things that were right in front of them. So: we need curiosity, and we need contentment. 

And commitment.

And convertibility.

And, when possible, coupons.


Astrid said...

I love your random thought. I often find myself so caught up in longing that i don't notice the good things I currently have. Wishing you a blessed wedding anniversary next month!

ellen b. said...

Contentment is a wonderful gift for sure. Hope your retreat is good and that you can have a nice celebration for your anniversary! Happy end of May to you.

Joyce said...

I like a 'neat' burger too. Learning to be content wherever we find ourselves is a real gift. Have a nice rest of the week!

Allstarme79 said...

Great random thought. It's hard to focus on what's in front of you sometimes but important.

Kirstin said...

I enjoyed your answers and really liked your last thought. I'm goign to go read that full article.