Saturday, October 08, 2005

On seeing how the "other half" grocery shops

After those posts about poverty (and not feeling particularly hard done by), Mama Squirrel had the interesting experience last weekend of doing the grocery shopping at a "regular grocery store," instead of the discount supermarket where the Squirrels buy most of their store-brand acorns.  At the discount supermarket, adding a frozen pizza and some ice cream to the cart is not much of a stretch; but we were walking through the land of "real prices"--and you know what, if I had to shop there every week I would start to feel poor. (Isn't that funny? Some people would feel "poor" shopping at the discount place because it's not so fancy.) It means something to have access to very reasonably-priced groceries instead of being held hostage to two-dollar-plus canned goods vs. eighty-nine cent ones.
So don't get me wrong: "scratch week" (because we didn't get our usual convenience foods) was not really anything to complain about. It was a good week to do some baking (because we didn't buy cookies) and to make homemade macaroni and cheese, and a batch of pancake syrup, and a batch of the bran muffins that Mama Squirrel discovered recently and that the squirrelings think are as good as the coffee-shop type. And eat up the vegetables in the crisper drawer. UPDATED LINK 

And we've refilled our pantry and our freezer now, and we are thankful (on Thanksgiving weekend) to have access to good food, a big old Caprice that holds a large trunkload of groceries, and family to eat it with.


Anonymous said...

Sooo... I'm curious... what store has prices that high? I too am used to 89 cent canned vegetables, and all the other goodies you can find cheap at Superstore, or Sobeys.

And I'm saving that stuffing recipe... it looks really good.

Mama Squirrel said...

Jennifer, I would rather not say on the grounds that I might incriminate myself...grin...but the store where we usually go is Price Chopper. Do they have those in the Maritimes?

Anonymous said...

Yes, we have Price Chopper here... it's an offshoot of Sobeys. Depending on where we are in the city when we need groceries, I might go there, or Sobeys (although not often there- rarely good sales)... generally Co-op or Superstore, and once a month or so to the $200 Club ( I follow the sales, so long as it doesn't mean I have to go out of my way!!!