Friday, February 03, 2006

The Hamster and the Hamster, by Ponytails

Hi, this is Ponytails. I am creating a story called The Hamster and The Hamster. Would you like to hear what I've done so far?

Dear Young Readers,

I will be happy to tell you the story of....................the Hamster and the Hamster.

Once upon a time there lived a Hamster named Rosanne and a Hamster named Josanne.
And they lived in a Castle the end. Just kidding! Ok now on with the story. And Rosanne And Josanne were cousins. One sunny day the Hamsters said they would like to Race. So they got some Rabbits to ready set go! And the Hamsters ran and ran! As fast as their little legs could take them! And then Josanne got in front and now Rosanne in the lead. And what is this? Why it is Josanne two Meters in front and now Rosanne in the lead it looks like Josanne maybe could it be Rosanne? The whistle blows time for a little BREAK! Ok now it is the end of the little BREAK.
Now it looks like Rosanne in the lead no! it’s Josanne now! No Rosanne I can’t keep track! Ok now what’s this? It’s Rosanne bumping in front! Now Josanne bumping in front could it be true?

What’s this? A wheel now Josanne in the wheel she can’t stop! Good she is off. Now Rosanne so fast on the wheel no could it be? the Rabbits are cheering for JOSANNE! Rosanne don’t bump. There’s the finish line ten Meters. Now Rosanne is making it nine Meters cause she went by one Meter. And on went Josanne and Rosanne five Meters till they finish. Five for Josanne and six Meters for Rosanne.(Remember their Hamsters).

Do you like it so far?


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Okay, that is just mean! Making me waith to find out...