Sunday, February 05, 2006

More of the Hamster and the Hamster, by Ponytails.

Okay, coffeemamma and others who have been waiting to find out who won the race in, "The Hamster and the Hamster", here it is:

[Part One is here]

And now they're at the same speed! Now it looks a lot like Josanne is going to win! Do you see Josanne just one Meter ahead! It is Josanne no! Rosanne. It looks like Josanne a lot. And there is the finish just one Meter ahead! Well for Josanne it is. And JOSANNE wins! The Rabbits cheer and they can’t stop! After they went home and had some nice warm bath.(But there is going to be more).


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coffeemamma said...

Yay Josanne! And well done Rosanne, too! I can't wait for the rest...