Monday, February 06, 2006

How to Shovel Snow, by Ponytails

How to shovel snow.
First you will need a shovel. Than you need to have a place with some snow. Than when you have got to your snowie place you take your shovel and dig gently. When you have got some snow on your shovel you dump it some where else. Than keep doing that till your done. And that is how you shovel snow.


[Mama Squirrel's comment: Yep, that about sums it up.]


tootlepip said...

Our problem is that we don't have a snowy place.

Tim's Mom said...

That's beautiful! We only got about one inch of snow, and today, only the day after, it's all melted!

Just Here For Now said...

Oh my, Ponytails! What a great worker bee you are! That is _alot_ of snow. Here in Florida we don't have a 'snowy place' either. I hope you enjoyed a lovely cup of cocoa or tea after a job well done! :) ~~Miss Roxie