Sunday, April 09, 2006

Only in Canada

Tonight I was reading our family favourite Little Tim and The Brave Sea Captain to Crayons. Then she read some of it back to me. In the story, Tim stows away on a ship and is made to work as a cabin boy. And then the weather gets rough. Crayons read,

"But alas, Tim soon began to feel sick, and when he went down to the galley he could not eat any of the titbits that the cook gave him."

Only she read it "any of the Timbits."

Well, it WAS a Little Tim story.

Postscript: Crayons now says that she wants to be a sailor too.


Marsha said...

I think the "Tim" books are the best thing EVER. We've read all our library has many, many times. My favourite is the one where Ginger drinks the tonic and his hair grows long ... then everywhere he goes people yell at him to "get a haircut". Once at the park I saw a boy with long red hair a la Ginger. I directed the kids to where he was and said, "Ginger". They all understood immediately.

Mama Squirrel said...

That's Tim to the Rescue, where Ginger's hair grows...but I like Ship's Cook Ginger, where the picture on the cover shows Ginger serving the meal he's made. The officer says "What's this in my stew?" and and Ginger answers, "Mice are very nourishing." Yum.