Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Mama Squirrel's reading list

Working on:

Paradise Lost. (You didn't think I bought it just to class up the coffee table, did you? I am in Book II and thoroughly ENJOYING IT. I don't think I enjoyed it so much in university; funny what twenty years will do for you, post-pregnancy idiocy aside.)

Breathing Lessons. (Re-reading. Maggie's off-to-college daughter asks her, "Mom, was there a point in your life when you just decided to be ordinary?" Ouch.)


Erewhon. (Krakovianka, I'm sorry, I dutifully worked my way through this and even read most of the weird boring parts about unborn babies pestering potential parents so that they could get born; but I still don't really get it.)

Peter Pan and Crystal Mountain, with Ponytails and Crayons.

Tales of Little Grey Rabbit, with Crayons.

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Karen G. said...

I never said Erewhon was a fun book did I? I hope not! There's a reason that one never made it to the "classics" list. In some ways, it's a lot like Gullivers' Travels--you really have to know what he is mocking in order to get it. I had thought that Charlotte Mason was enough, but maybe not. It's a good book for getting some insight into the Victorian mind...

At least now you can say you've read it! It's not on my "favorites" list, either. :-)