Friday, October 27, 2006

Get me some more of them pork rinds, Bubba

Another ick story about how homeschoolers are a bunch of well-meaning but misguided amateurs. (Thanks again to From the article:
Critics of homeschooling say it is impossible for a parent to know how to teach a wide array of subjects without training.

"We are professionals," Dianne Birdwell, a high school history teacher, said.

She responds to the idea that public schools do not teach enough about faith or religion by saying that parents need to teach their children about those subjects after school.

"We know how to teach and you need to be their parents," she said.
Well, then I guess that there schoolmarm must know what she's talkin' 'bout. 'Scuse me while we get back to our story from the Odyssey. And our bag of pork rinds.

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